5 Key Points When Considering Concierge Neurosurgery

concierge neurosurgery

What is Concierge Neurosurgery?

Concierge Medicine – perhaps, even Concierge Neurosurgery – is a topic you’re likely hearing a lot about lately. But, what exactly is it? Why is it growing in popularity? Most importantly, how can you sign-up if you determine it’s right for you? Morrison Concierge services is ready to guide you to the information you need. 

Concierge neurosurgery is a membership-based medical model that provides personal, easy access to Morrison Clinic that is not available in traditional medical practices. Patients pay a flat monthly or annual retainer in order to receive unlimited priority access to Dr. Morrison and his team.

This subscription model eliminates the need to include third-party payers, like insurance companies and government agencies (like Medicare), who often dictate much of the conventional medical practice model. Third-party payers determine what is covered, how much Dr. Morrison will be reimbursed, and how quickly those services can be completed. Engaging with third-party payers eats up valuable time and drives up the cost of healthcare. 

Here are five key considerations when deciding if concierge neurosurgery with Morrison Clinic is suitable for you: 

You’ll Receive Consistent Care When and Where You Need It.

The concierge model is a return to the unrushed personalized medical care patients  use to receive before third-party payers began to dominate healthcare decisions. The goal of concierge care is to create an environment where Dr. Morrison gets to make face-to-face time with his patients his top priority. 

In the concierge model, Dr. Morrison is able to devote more time to fewer patients, which leaves more time for individualized care. The average appointments are less rushed and more holistic, and patients have greater access to Dr. Morrison during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Morrison Clinic answers its own calls and has same-day and next-day appointments. Patients can ask questions in real-time and get a more thorough understanding of the problem  before determining the appropriate response. Concierge patients have access to various ways to communicate with Dr. Morrison, which allows him to assess patients remotely and in real time.

Happier, healthier providers mean more continuity of care for you, which means better medical care. But finding a good provider who has the capacity to meet your needs is challenging. Medical provider burnout is higher than ever in this post-pandemic world, and the concierge model reduces turnover. With more focused caseloads, Dr. Morrison has more time to get to know his patients and have a better work-life balance.

Individualized and Responsive Treatment is The Norm.

Neurological conditions are complex and nuanced and can change quickly. In addition to having easy access to Dr. Morrison, the concierge model eliminates the time-consuming process of insurance referrals, pre-authorizations, and appeals. It returns the power to Dr. Morrison and his patients, allowing them to make decisions about diagnostic testing and treatment without the interference of third-party payers who never meet the patient. Patient care becomes more individualized, with more room for family members to participate.

An individualized approach ensures treatments are tailored to address your specific symptoms, functional limitations, and post-treatment goals. Customizing care increases the likelihood of achieving optimal outcomes and improving quality of life. Regular monitoring and open communication between the patient and the healthcare team are essential to identify and respond to these changes effectively.

Dr. Morrison can move quickly when your condition changes, and you don’t have to worry about completing unnecessary diagnostic tests to justify any test Dr. Morrison wants to order. His top priority is ensuring you get the best care possible as your condition shifts. 

You’ll also receive a personalized risk-benefit evaluation for each potential treatment option during each stage of your illness. An individualized approach allows Dr. Morrison to assess each patient’s unique risks and benefits, considering their medical history, other medical conditions, lifestyle factors, and support systems available during and after treatment. This personalized risk-benefit evaluation helps guide treatment decisions and ensures that the potential benefits outweigh the risks for each patient.

Dr. Morrison Offers Holistic Treatment for Chronic Conditions.

Chronic conditions take a significant toll on patients and family members. In the fast-paced world of traditional medical practices, time constrictions mean they have little (or no) time to address concerns outside of the physical condition. When chronic illness’s emotional, social, career, and relational impact are ignored, patient pain and suffering increase. Concierge neurosurgery holds space for all aspects of chronic disease impacting patients. 

Physicians in the traditional medical model empathize with their patient’s struggles, but it can be harder to communicate in quick turnarounds sessions. Expressing empathy and compassion improves the doctor-patient relationship and positively affects health outcomes

Dr. Morrison can also spend more time educating his patients on self-care, complementary therapies, nutrition, and how to adjust their lifestyles to reduce the impact of chronic neurological conditions. The combination of additional resources and feeling seen by Dr. Morrison positively impact the patient’s journey. 

Thorough Care Collaboration Improves Response Time.

When healthcare providers collaborate, they can better understand the patient’s unique needs and perspectives, leading to more patient-centered care and increased patient satisfaction. With concierge medical care, gone are the days of waiting weeks for a referral and explaining your condition repeatedly each time a new provider joins your care team. 

When a patient requires a referral to another specialist or diagnostic testing, Dr. Morrison facilitates the process and expedites appointments. Dr. Morrison shoulders the responsibility of communicating with other providers, diagnostic teams, and follow-up care providers like therapists or home health nurses. Instead of getting tied up in pre-authorization forms, he has the time and energy to advocate for the care you deserve. His efforts reduce delays in receiving specialized care, resulting in faster diagnosis and treatment.

In-house services like labs and diagnostic services reduce the time you spend bouncing between locations. Centralized and on-demand services also reduce strain on family members who often provide transportation or attend appointments for emotional support. When those services are in-house and focused on concierge patients, providers have more time to complete the services and review your results. The time to be thorough ensures high-quality, accurate, and timely results. 

When surgery is needed, concierge providers can also facilitate travel, accommodations, and recovery care so you can focus on healing. 

Concierge Care Provides Unlimited Care at a Predictable Cost.

Concierge neurosurgery is a subscription-based model where you pay a monthly or annual fee to secure your spot on the patient roster. No matter how many visits or conversations you have with Dr. Morrison, the retainer amount is the same. There are no surprise deductibles, refusals to pay, or constantly worrying about hitting yearly and lifetime coverage limits. 

Eliminating the variability of out-of-pocket costs reduces stress for patients, their families, and physicians while allowing them to focus on their treatment rather than navigating complex insurance regulations. Dr. Morrison also benefits from the consistent concierge services provided. He knows how many patients and staff are needed to maintain a healthy practice, and there’s less pressure to overbook appointments or rush from room to room. His top priority is giving each patient as much time as needed and ensuring they receive the best possible care. 

This model also reduces the amount Dr. Morrison spends to keep his practice open by reducing paperwork, billing tasks, and duplicative documentation sometimes required to receive reimbursement. Lowering the cost of keeping the medical practice open reduces providers’ physical, emotional, and financial burdens and allows them to pass the savings on to you. 

You can still use your insurance or Medicare plans to offset expenses if you need services outside the practice, like a hospital or diagnostic services unavailable on-site. In some cases, a portion or all of your concierge fees may be tax deductible. Be sure to consult your tax advisor to discuss your specific situation and local tax regulations.

With numerous benefits to patients, family members, and physicians, concierge medical care may be the best option for treating your acute and chronic neurological conditions. The patient-centered and personalized healthcare experience you’ll receive at Morrison Clinic will facilitate better communication, trust, and shared decision-making, leading to more tailored treatment plans and higher satisfaction. 
Our experienced team welcomes the opportunity to help you decide whether Concierge neurosurgery is indeed right for you. Contact us today to discover more about the specific benefits you’ll gain in becoming a Concierge patient.