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Introducing All-New Concierge Neurosurgery Services

At Morrison Clinic™, we understand that every patients’ healthcare needs — from access to our surgeons, to accommodations and aftercare — are unique. That’s why our team is comprised of compassionate healthcare experts who are committed to delivering your best quality of life — as well as going above and beyond to fulfill your personalized needs. 

And, we know patients like you are tired of the frustrations of reaching the surgeon responsible for your care, for the lack of coordinating and planning assistance their clinics offer you, and the seemingly endless waiting. 

You deserve utmost in medical care and attention. And our all-new concierge neurosurgery service is here to ensure you experience it. Experience it now.

Unique Concierge Service Benefits from Morrison Clinic

Morrison Clinic™ is pleased to now offer concierge medicine to ensure that your neurosurgical care is delivered with the expanded options for assistance that you need, and the enhanced experience you deserve.

Our concierge services include:

  • Direct access to your neurosurgeon
  • Priority scheduling
  • Pre-operative planning services
  • Coordination and accommodation assistance
  • Post-operative care services

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When Concierge Neurosurgery Services Are Right for You

When requiring neurosurgical treatment, exceptional care — both from the surgeon and their office team — is of the utmost importance. Worrying about travel, scheduling, and follow-up care can become overwhelming quickly. 

By focusing on these areas with detail and dedication to your satisfaction, our concierge services lessen the burden on your time and ease the stress on you during this challenging period — so you can fully focus on your health and recovery. 

Never worry about being “just a number.” With our concierge services, your personalized care is our top priority, and you will sense that every step of the way. You’ll be fully supported at the highest level throughout the entire process, including during your post-surgical aftercare. 

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Offering Concierge Services for these Neurosurgical Treatments

Dr. Morrison’s treatment approach is designed to minimize trauma and maximize your quality of life, so you’ll receive a thorough consultation and compassionate taking your complete medical history and personal desires into consideration. 

When your condition does necessitate surgery, concierge neurosurgery services are available for spinal surgery, brain surgery, cerebrovascular neurosurgery, hydrocephalus surgery, and peripheral nerve surgery, and treatments for these conditions:

Concierge Neurosurgery with Life-Changing Impact

Our patients often arrive at our clinic after spending months or even years trying to find the proper diagnosis or treatment. Using our specialized expertise, we help patients find resolutions that ultimately lead to positive outcomes.

Here are some of our patients’ perspectives on how Morrison Clinic care has changed their lives:

Dr. Morrison is a fantastic doctor. He takes time to explain everything, answers all your questions, and the staff is also very caring. They take the time to help you with appointments and anything else you need.Nicholas M.

Your Solution for Enhanced Neurosurgical Care

If you’ve been struggling with one of the health challenges described above, please contact us. We invite you to schedule an e-consultation with Dr. Morrison today and see why Morrison Clinic™ has gained a worldwide reputation for offering exceptional neurosurgical options, including our new concierge services. 

Remove the worry of finding the care you need, and instead focus on getting well. Morrison Clinic™ is here for you every step of the way. Start your Concierge Neurosurgery experience now. 

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