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Online Neurosurgery Consultations Available Now for Local, National and International Patients

When faced with a serious neurological condition or in need of neurosurgical treatment, you want the absolute best neurosurgeon possible on your case. At Morrison Clinic, we believe physical distance should not prevent you from securing the best medical care you can find — and that’s we offer a full-sute of tools to deliver the best online neurosurgery consultation experience possible.

Our neurosurgery clinic is home to one of the top neurosurgeons in Florida, Dr. John F. Morrison, MD. Deeply knowledgeable and widely trusted, he is whom experts, professionals and countless patients rely upon for their neurosurgery needs – regardless of if they are nearby our office, or far away.

Prioritizing Your Safety and Convenience: Virtual Care Options

In response to patient needs, Morrison Clinic has invested in the training and tools to offer secure e-consultations to those seeking our care.

This enables all of your important questions to be answered from the safety and comfort of your home – even if “home” is hundreds or thousands of miles away from our South Florida neurosurgery offices.

You will receive the same time and attention during a virtual visit as you would a face-to-face visit – so why let your distance from our office hinder your ability to receive premier neurosurgical care?

Securely Upload Your Imaging for an Informed Diagnosis

Our investment in offering simple, secure virtual visits also enables you to conveniently upload your existing imaging files – such as MRIs, X-rays or CT scans – for an informed, accurate diagnosis during your online neurosurgery consultation.

To get started:

Step 1: Visit this secure link
Step 2: Click the “Files” button and select your image. If you have multiple images stored in a folder, select the folder by clicking the “Folders and Disks” button.
Step 3: Click “Open” and wait for the upload to complete.
Step 4: Submit your images.

Our office will then contact you to confirm receipt of your images and set the most appropriate next steps.

An Accurate, Convenient and Rapid Diagnosis

While E-Consultations are available to all patients, they are especially convenient and time-saving for those that suspect they have these particular conditions:

  1. Trigeminal neuralgia.
  2. Brain tumors.
  3. Pituitary tumors.
  4. Herniated discs.

Whether you’re seeking a first or second opinion, our e-consultation process provides for all the detail and accuracy you need to be confident in your neurosurgical care.

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