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Relieving Your Chronic Headache Pain with a Focused New Practice Unique to South Florida

At The Morrison Clinic™, we understand refractory migraines are some of the most painful, frustrating and debilitating recurring conditions to experience.

Worse yet, their onset is often unpredictable. Unless and until any signs of aura begin to present themselves, you can be taken completely by surprise. Worse still, the effects of refractory migraines can last for days – negatively impacting important plans or experiences in your personal or professional life.

If it seems like migraine sufferers need and deserve a focused, specialized approach to manage this condition and its symptoms, the team of experts at our headache clinic agree. Our all-new Comprehensive Headache Care practice is here to help ensure specialized care is delivered to anyone seeking it.

Specialized Refractory Migraine Treatments

Unique to South Florida, Comprehensive Headache Care at The Morrison Clinic™ offers a range of specialized treatment approaches for refractory migraine sufferers.

Our focus and expertise in treating this condition means that we deliver a personalized approach, based upon your specific migraine symptoms, to help provide for your best quality of life.

Refractory migraine treatment options available for patients under our care include:

  • Medical/medication-based treatment
  • Interventional pain management
  • Surgical management

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Serving Chronic Migraine Sufferers with Focused Care and Expertise

South Florida neurosurgeon, Dr. John F. Morrison, MD, began offering comprehensive headache care services earlier this year in response to significant patient demand. The care focus rapidly filled such a need, that following a growing number of positive outcomes, The Morrison Clinic recognized it was in patients’ best interest to dedicate a specific practice area to it.

Headaches are a complex and debilitating disorder. Our stepped approach of medical management, interventional therapies, and even surgery ensures that each case is addressed, individually, and the treatments are tailored to your individual response.Dr. John F. Morrison, MD

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The Morrison Clinic™: Your Solution for Specialized Migraine Care and Treatment

If you or a loved one has been negatively impacted by refractory migraines time and time again, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation with our headache clinic. We will discuss and assess your specific symptoms, and share options for best managing the condition for a better quality of life.

Comprehensive Headache Care services are available throughout regular hours at both of our convenient Palm Beach County locations in Lake Worth and Delray Beach.

Reduce the pain and limitations of refractory migraines with our specialized care practice. Take the first step today.

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